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Wireless CyberBand® from AirNorth Communications!

Welcome to high speed Internet access, broadband speeds, and a completely new approach to making sure your home or business has true high speed Internet.  

Using wireless point-to-point and point-to-multi-point technology, AirNorth's mission is to provide Internet services to unserved and underserved homes in Northern Michigan.  

CyberBand® utilizes a combination of high speed Internet technologies to provide its customers with fast download and upload speeds. Advances in fiber to wireless technology have made CyberBand® a reality.  

For surfing on the Internet, connecting with friends and family, or just plain fun, there’s nothing like CyberBand® high speed broadband. With the right plan, you’ll have fast downloading and uploading speeds for Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, LinkedIn, online gaming, shopping, email, and all the things you and your family need and love to do on the Internet.

Stop the frustration of slow Internet! Let faster speeds help you with your studies, research and online education.

AirNorth’s CyberBand® provides high speed Internet service for one flat monthly fee with no contract, and all of our packages offer unlimited data. Our activation fee of $225 includes the professional installation of equipment (see installation page for details).

Call our customer service team for specific pricing questions at 231-333-3104.

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                   Education Matters!  

  Speeds up to 4Mbps allow:

  • Study and research
  • Access to online videos & tutorials
  • Online classes
  • Connect School Ipads




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